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For loans up to $500 My Rhode Island Payday is your #1 choice!

We're The Best
We Will Approve Poor Credit
We are more than happy to approve loans to borrowers who have poor credit. Our risk analysis says that there are more ways to rate customers than their credit score and that just leaves more business for us that banks aren't accepting.

Approved In Minutes
If you have an urgent bill that needs to be paid tomorrow, you don't have to stress about it for long. We'll have you approved in minutes so you can have some certainty in your life which is something our customers really appreciate.

No Surprise Fees
There's nothing in this world that's worse than a surprise fee that catches you unaware. It throws off your budget and wreaks havoc with your life. Because we want to have happy repeat customers, we would never operate like that.
Fastest Process Ever
Our Form
If you're anything like the rest of our customers, then you're going to absolutely love our application form's simplicity and general shortness.

Verify Bank Details
Verifying your bank details has never been easier than with our screen capturing tool. No more faxing documents and looking for paper bank statements.

We Deliver Your Money
The funds will just show up in your account as if by magic, except in stead of magic it's ACH (Automated Clearing House).

Payment Taken Automatically
Your payment will be scheduled for you so you don't need to do anything. Just remember that if you won't be getting paid and you don't want to pay an NSF fee (who does?) that you must call us to reschedule your payment.
Best Practices
Parallel Loans
We won't lend to our customers multiple times at once. Having multiple outstanding loans is a recipe for financial ruin and it's irresponsible to be party to that.

No Rollovers
Rollovers is essentially a form of theft, so we won't engage in it. We care about our customers too much to every behave like that.

Collection Practices
You'll never face a horror story with some collection company repeatedly calling your employer and family demanding money if you are late. Just let us know when you're having difficulty paying and we will work out an arrangement.

Hidden Fees
Transparency is our watchword. You can't have a satisfied customer who also doesn't know what is going on with the contract.

We Lend Across Rhode Island
Major Cities
Warwick Newport Central Falls Cranston East Providence Pawtucket Providence Woonsocket